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Spa Francorchamps 2011 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

Sat PMMichael Schumacherretired - suspension
Sat PMAdrian Sutilretired - driving mistake
Sat PMPastor Maldonado, Lewis Hamiltoncollision
1Jaime Alguesuari, Bruno Sennaretired - collision
1Nico Rosberg, Sebastian Vettelovertaking
2Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamiltonovertaking
Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosbergovertaking
Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massaovertaking
Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massaovertaking
Bruno Sennadrive through penalty
7Sébastien Buemiretired - unknown
Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosbergovertaking
Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosbergovertaking
Sebastian Vettel, Kamui Kobayashiovertaking
Mark Webber, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
Mark Webber, Adrian Sutilovertaking
Fernando Alonso, Adrian Sutilovertaking
Fernando Alonso, Mark Webberovertaking
Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosbergovertaking
Timo Glockdrive through penalty
Mark Webber, Kamui Kobayashiovertaking
Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Sutilovertaking
Lewis Hamilton, Kamui Kobayashiovertaking
13Lewis Hamilton, Kamui Kobayashiretired - collision
SC phase start
14Daniel Ricciardoretired - unknown
SC phase end
Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webberovertaking
Jenson Button, Vitaly Petrovovertaking
Jenson Button, Sergio Pérezovertaking
Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
Sergio Pérez, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
Jenson Button, Michael Schumacherovertaking
Sergio Pérezdrive through penalty
Jenson Button, Adrian Sutilovertaking
Jenson Button, Felipe Massaovertaking
Jenson Button, Nico Rosbergovertaking
28Sergio Pérezretired - unknown
Nico Rosberg, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
Sebastian Vettel, Jenson Buttonovertaking
Felipe Massa, Kamui Kobayashiovertaking
Michael Schumacher, Adrian Sutilovertaking
Mark Webber, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
Felipe Massa, Pastor Maldonadoovertaking
Jenson Button, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosbergovertaking
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