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Hockenheim 2005 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

Sat PMJuan Pablo Montoyaretired - driving mistake
1Takuma Sato, Giancarlo Fisichellacollision
Felipe Massa, Rubens Barrichellocollision
Jacques Villeneuve, Robert Doornboscollision
Robert Doornbos10 second penalty
Giancarlo Fisichella, Ralf Schumacherovertaking
Jacques Villeneuve, Tiago Monteirocollision
36Kimi Räikkonenretired - engine
Christian Klien, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
Jenson Button, Michael Schumacherovertaking
Jarno Trullidrive through penalty
56Mark Webberretired - unknown
66Giancarlo Fisichella, Michael Schumacherovertaking
preliminary decision for the championship
In the first lap quite spectacular scenes happen, often there are 5 or 6 drivers beside the track on the asphalt safety-zones.

Schumacher is able to gain and hold the 3rd place, but loses about a second each lap to Räikkonen and Alonso. Monyoya is able overtake 10 drivers in the first few laps, but is then stuck behind Fisichella.

After the first pitstops Räikkonen leads Alonso, Schumacher and Button. Montoya already got to place 5.

Then Räikkonen has to retire because of a motor problem and loses not only the win in Hockenheim but a realistic chance for the championship as well. In only 7 remaining races, Räikkonen would have to score over 5 more points than Alonso, which is very hard to do even when winning all races.

In this race, Schumacher now on position 2 is getting a lot of pressure from Button and Montoya behind him. Button finally manages to overtake Schumacher, but has to drive to the pits shortly thereafter. A few laps later Schumacher also pits and Montoya's way to the second place is free.

At the end of the Grand Prix, Schumacher's tyres are getting worse and he falls back from position 3 to 5, otherwise nothing changes and Alonso wins in front of Montoya and Button.

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