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Silverstone 2005 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

Sat PMMichael Schumacherdriving mistake
warm-up lapTakuma Satoother reason
1Juan Pablo Montoya, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
1Kimi Räikkonen, Ralf Schumacherovertaking
2SC phase start
2SC phase end
Christian Kliendriving mistake
9Nick Heidfeld, Christian Klienovertaking
11Narain Karthikeyanretired - unknown
15Christian Klien, Patrick Friesacherovertaking
Jacques Villeneuvepit stop
22Jacques Villeneuve, David Coulthardovertaking
23Christian Klien, David Coulthardovertaking
Kimi Räikkonen, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
30Takuma Sato, Patrick Friesacherovertaking
36Takuma Sato, Patrick Friesacherovertaking
39Christijan Albers, Patrick Friesacherovertaking
David Coulthard, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
51Takuma Sato, Tiago Monteiroovertaking
First victory for Montoya on McLaren
In quaifying Räikkonen has again to change the motor and is (again) put back 10 positions on the grid.

After the start, Montoya can take the lead with a great overtaking maneuver from Alonso. During the first pitstops, Montoya can stay in front of Alonso. In the meantime Räikkonen is pushing with a very heavy car and is even able to overtake Alonso on the track just before his first pitstop.

In the end Montoya wins closely in front of Alonso. Räikkonen and Fisichella follow.

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