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Montmelo 2004 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

warm-up lapother
3Jenson Button, Cristiano da Mattaovertaking
Fernando Alonso, Giorgio Pantanoovertaking
13Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massaovertaking
13Ralf Schumacher, Olivier Panisovertaking
14Juan Pablo Montoya, Felipe Massaovertaking
15Ralf Schumacher, Christian Klienovertaking
18Zsolt Baumgartnerretired - unknown
Olivier Panisdrive through penalty
31Jenson Button, Christian Klienovertaking
32Gianmaria Bruniretired - unknown
34Nick Heidfeldretired - engine
34Olivier Panisretired - unknown
44Christian Klienretired - propulsion
47Ralf Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichellaovertaking
47Juan Pablo Montoyaretired - unknown
52Giorgio Pantanoretired - other reason
Double-victory for Ferrari
The track was changed slightly to favour overtaking maneuvers: After the Nissan-straight, a long wide left bend was changed to two sharp left corners.

In the qualifying, Michael Schumacher manages to get pole (not very surprisingly) however Rubens Barrichello is 1.2 seconds and 4 places behind him.

At the start, Jarno Trulli is able to take the lead from his 4th starting position, but loses it after the first pitstop.

Barrichello is using a different strategy as Schumacher and is able to get to the second position.

Thus this race ends in a double-victory for Ferrari, the third in this season. Renault is taking places 3 and 4 and has become a serious candidate for vice-champion.

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