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Indianapolis 2004 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

warm-up lapJuan Pablo Montoyaother
1Gianmaria Bruni, Christian Klien, Felipe Massa, Giorgio Pantano, Cristiano da Mattaretired - collision
2SC phase start
5SC phase end
6David Coulthard, Mark Webberovertaking
6Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
6Juan Pablo Montoya, Zsolt Baumgartnerovertaking
6Giancarlo Fisichella, Zsolt Baumgartnerovertaking
7Juan Pablo Montoya, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
9Fernando Alonsoretired - tire
10Mark Webber, David Coulthardovertaking
10Ralf Schumacherretired - tire
11SC phase start
18Cristiano da Mattaretired - other reason
19SC phase end
20Mark Webber, Zsolt Baumgartnerovertaking
27Takuma Sato, David Coulthardovertaking
27Jenson Buttonretired - unknown
29Takuma Sato, Giancarlo Fisichellaovertaking
30Takuma Sato, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
31Kimi Räikkonen, Mark Webberovertaking
32Kimi Räikkonen, David Coulthardovertaking
40Takuma Sato, Olivier Panisovertaking
41Kimi Räikkonen, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
44Nick Heidfeldretired - unknown
Giancarlo Fisichellatire
58Kimi Räikkonen, Mark Webberovertaking
Juan Pablo Montoyaretired - disqualified
61Takuma Sato, Jarno Trulli, Mark Webberretired - engine
Ferraris in front of Sato
Just seconds before the warm-up lap begins, Montoya jumps out of his car and has to start the race with the backup car out of the pits. (Montoya is later disqualified for this) At the start, the Ferraris are able to stay in front, but Alonso is able to get from position 9 to 3.

Unfortunately, Alonso has a tyre puncture, just like Ralf Schumacher and Fisichella.

In the safety car phases, the cars are shuffled and Sato is able to get to 3rd place with a series of very interesting overtaking maneuvers.

With this 3rd place, Sato is the best "non-Ferrari" and becomes the most likely next Grand Prix winner - - and the first Japanese Grand Prix winner.

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