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Monza 2004 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

beforeMichael Schumachertire
1Michael Schumacherovertaking try
1Olivier Panisretired - unknown
1Jenson Button, Michael Schumachercollision
2Jenson Button, Kimi Räikkonenovertaking
2Felipe Massa, Takuma Satoovertaking
2Christian Klien, Jarno Trulliovertaking
2Mark Webber, Ricardo Zontaovertaking
2Gianmaria Bruni, Ricardo Zontaovertaking
2Michael Schumacher, Giorgio Pantanoovertaking
3Jarno Trulli, Christian Klienovertaking
3Giancarlo Fisichella, Ricardo Zontaovertaking
3David Coulthard, Giorgio Pantanoovertaking
3David Coulthard, Michael Schumacherovertaking
3David Coulthard, Ricardo Zontaovertaking
3Antonio Pizzonia, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
3Antonio Pizzonia, Zsolt Baumgartnerovertaking
4Jenson Button, Juan Pablo Montoyaovertaking
4Takuma Sato, Felipe Massaovertaking
4Michael Schumacher, Ricardo Zontaovertaking
5Christian Klien, Jarno Trulliovertaking
5Fernando Alonso, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
5Antonio Pizzonia, Giorgio Pantanoovertaking
5Michael Schumacher, David Coulthardovertaking
5Antonio Pizzonia, Ricardo Zontaovertaking
6Antonio Pizzonia, David Coulthardovertaking
6Ricardo Zonta, David Coulthardovertaking
6Giorgio Pantano, Gianmaria Bruniovertaking
7Mark Webber, Jarno Trulliovertaking
7Mark Webber, Jarno Trulliovertaking
9Michael Schumacher, Giancarlo Fisichellaovertaking
10Antonio Pizzonia, Giancarlo Fisichellaovertaking
Felipe Massa, Nick Heidfeldcollision
10Nick Heidfeld, Zsolt Baumgartnerovertaking
11Felipe Massa, Gianmaria Bruniovertaking
Rubens Barrichello, Antonio Pizzoniadriving mistake
11Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
13Antonio Pizzonia, Rubens Barrichelloovertaking
14Kimi Räikkonenretired - unknown
Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
20Michael Schumacher, Mark Webberovertaking
22Antonio Pizzonia, Mark Webberovertaking
23Giancarlo Fisichella, Mark Webberovertaking
30Gianmaria Bruniretired - unknown
31Felipe Massa, Giorgio Pantanoovertaking
Gianmaria Brunipit stop
Antonio Pizzonia, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
34Giorgio Pantanoretired - unknown
Michael Schumacher, Takuma Satoovertaking
36Takuma Sato, Juan Pablo Montoyaovertaking
36Giancarlo Fisichella, Juan Pablo Montoyaovertaking
Christian Kliendrive through penalty
39Felipe Massa, Christian Klienovertaking
41Fernando Alonsoretired - driving mistake
43Michael Schumacher, Jenson Buttonovertaking
Antonio Pizzonia, David Coulthardcollision
A hard double-victory
The track is a little bit wet at the start so a few drivers were starting with intermediates, like Barrichello. In the first lap, Barrichello is leading, Schumache spins and falls back.

Barrichello is able to gain a 6 second lead in the first 2 laps, but with the track drying, the intermediates become worse and Barrichello loses his lead and falls back a few places until his first pit-stop.

Because of this (Barrchello in mid-field and Schumacher far behind) a great race forms with a lot of overtaking.

The Ferraris go through the whole field and lead in the end (again). Button is third and Alonso retires because of a driving mistake.

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