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Sepang 2002 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

2Allan McNish, Felipe Massaovertaking
2Olivier Panis, Pedro de la Rosaovertaking
3Juan Pablo Montoya, Mika Saloovertaking
3Juan Pablo Montoya, Jarno Trulliovertaking
4Mika Salo, Jarno Trulliovertaking
6Allan McNish, Enrique Bernoldiovertaking
7Juan Pablo Montoya, Jenson Buttonovertaking
7Allan McNish, Jarno Trulliovertaking
7Michael Schumacher, Mark Webberovertaking
8Michael Schumacher, Alex Yoongovertaking
10Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvineovertaking
10Olivier Panisretired - clutch
10Jarno Trulliretired - overheating
12Michael Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuveovertaking
13Nick Heidfeld, David Coulthardovertaking
14Jenson Button, David Coulthardovertaking
14Mika Salo, David Coulthardovertaking
14Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massaovertaking
15Juan Pablo Montoya, Allan McNishovertaking
16David Coulthardretired - engine
16Michael Schumacher, Enrique Bernoldiovertaking
20Juan Pablo Montoya, Mika Saloovertaking
21Enrique Bernoldiretired - fuel supply system
22Michael Schumacher, Eddie Irvineovertaking
22Michael Schumacher, Jacques Villeneuveovertaking
25Kimi Räikkonenretired - engine
27Juan Pablo Montoya, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
30Pedro de la Rosa, Eddie Irvineovertaking
30Alex Yoongretired - gearbox
31Eddie Irvineretired - hydraulics
32Pedro de la Rosa, Mark Webberovertaking
35Mark Webberretired - electrics
37Michael Schumacher, Jenson Buttonovertaking
40Rubens Barrichelloretired - engine
44Juan Pablo Montoya, Jenson Buttonovertaking
56Michael Schumacher, Jenson Buttonovertaking
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