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Sao Paulo 2001 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

1Mika Häkkinenretired - engine
2Juan Pablo Montoya, Michael Schumacherovertaking
3Rubens Barrichello, Ralf Schumacherretired - collision
4Enrique Bernoldi, Jenson Buttonovertaking
6Olivier Panis, Jean Alesiovertaking
6Gaston Mazzacane, Jenson Buttonovertaking
7Tarso Marques, Jenson Buttonovertaking
7Fernando Alonso, Jenson Buttonovertaking
8Olivier Panis, Kimi Räikkonenovertaking
9Olivier Panis, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
15Olivier Panis, Heinz-Harald Frentzenovertaking
15Jacques Villeneuve, Eddie Irvineovertaking
16Enrique Bernoldiretired - hydraulics
20Jacques Villeneuve, Jenson Buttonovertaking
21Olivier Panis, Jarno Trulliovertaking
23Jacques Villeneuve, Fernando Alonsoovertaking
25Jacques Villeneuve, Tarso Marquesovertaking
26Fernando Alonsoretired - fuel supply system
28Michael Schumacher, Jarno Trulliovertaking
29Luciano Burti, Jos Verstappenovertaking
30Eddie Irvine, Tarso Marquesovertaking
30Jean Alesi, Gaston Mazzacaneovertaking
31Luciano Burtiretired - engine
31Jean Alesi, Tarso Marquesovertaking
38Jos Verstappen, Juan Pablo Montoyaretired - collision
48Olivier Panis, Giancarlo Fisichellaovertaking
David Coulthard, Michael Schumacherovertaking
50Jarno Trulli, Nick Heidfeldovertaking
53Eddie Irvineretired - driving mistake
55Gaston Mazzacaneretired - clutch
55Ralf Schumacherretired - driving mistake
56Kimi Räikkonenretired - driving mistake
56Olivier Panis, Jean Alesiovertaking
61Nick Heidfeld, Jarno Trulliovertaking
64Heinz-Harald Frentzenretired - electrics
67Giancarlo Fisichella, Jean Alesiovertaking
69Olivier Panis, Jarno Trulliovertaking
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