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Sepang 1999 - chronology

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chronology of race weekend

1Jarno Trulliretired - engine
1Damon Hillretired - collision
3Toranosuke Takagi, Luca Badoerovertaking
3Pedro Diniz, Pedro de la Rosaovertaking
4Eddie Irvine, Michael Schumacherteam order
5David Coulthard, Michael Schumacherovertaking
5Pedro Diniz, Olivier Panisovertaking
5Ricardo Zonta, Pedro de la Rosaovertaking
6Olivier Panisretired - engine
6Jean Alesi, Ralf Schumacherovertaking
6Jean Alesi, Jacques Villeneuveovertaking
7Ricardo Zontaretired - engine
8Ralf Schumacherretired - driving mistake
8Toranosuke Takagiretired - propulsion
15David Coulthardretired - fuel supply system
16Luca Badoerretired - overheating
18Jean Alesi, Alexander Wurzovertaking
31Pedro de la Rosaretired - engine
45Pedro Dinizretired - driving mistake
49Jacques Villeneuveretired - hydraulics
53Eddie Irvine, Michael Schumacherteam order
54Mika Häkkinen, Johnny Herbertovertaking
Overeager teamwork at Ferrari
The race in Sepang 1999 is characterized by Ferrari's teamplay. Schumacher lets Irvine pass - twice. Schumacher tries to block the McLarens behind him to let Irvine drive away, Coulthard can press through nevertheless.

This rather unpopular teamwork at Ferrari was unnecessary as it turns out: Coulthard retires and because of an extra pit-stop, Häkkinen can make it onto the podium just barely.
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