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race:Zolder 1982
track:Zolder 1975
@de@Streckenabschnitt@:Butte (left bend)
date:1982-05-08 13:52:00
lap:Sat PM
Gilles Villeneuve?died
Jochen Mass?=
descriptionAfter 3 qualifying runs Villeneuve had already very bad tyres, possibly he wanted to do another fast lap.

Villeneuve came to the brow of the hill and into the left-hand kink before the Terlamenbocht corner at a speed estimated later to be 225 km/h and saw the March of Jürgen Mass in front of him.

The accident was of aircraft proportions and, unlike when a car skids and then hits a solid object, there was no loss of speed, no deceleration before impact. The Ferrari just kept flying and was airborne for over 100 metres before it slammed down nose first into the earth, buckling the front of the car in on the driver.

The car catapulted high into the air again and began a series of horrific cartwheels, at one point touching down on an earth bank some distance behind the guard rails on the right side of the entry to Terlamenbocht. On its return to the circuit the uncontrolled red projectile very nearly landed on the following March. Mass was just able to swerve onto the grass to avoid being crushed.

The Ferrari chassis began to disintegrate with pieces flying in all directions. Gilles's helmet flew off and rolled to rest some distance away from his body.

A doctor was on the scene in seconds and tried to revive Gilles with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and heart massage. Villeneuve never regained consciousness and died at 21:12 in the hospital.


"I saw Gilles in my mirrors and expected him to pass on the left. I moved right and couldn't believe it when I saw him virtually on top of me. He clipped my right tyre and bounced off the front tyre and was launched into the air." -- Jochen Mass

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